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Key Features

Experts dedicated to your complete protection and satisfaction. Automatic instant protection.
Extra reliable protection. Automatic updates and easy removal.
Prevent malicious activity. Automatically tests other services and uses the best.
Simple, free download.    

Why Use Gozoom DNS?

Features And Benefits Gozoom DNS OpenDNS Google Public DNS Norton DNS
[+] No Ads
[+] Filtering Support
[+] Logs Deleted Within a Day
[+] SLA Supported
[+] Automatic Configurator
[+] 60+ Data Centers
[+] Servers In 23+ Countries
[+] Servers In 6 Continents
[+] Handles Billions of Requests
[+] 12+ Years Cloud Experience
[+] 6+ Technology Patents
[+] DNSSEC Support
[+] More Features
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Competitive Benchmarks

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Testing Methodology

We collect hundreds of domains every second. We take a sample and send the sample to Gozoom and competitive products simultaneously in random order. We measure accuracy, latency, and timeouts. For the accuracy errors, we retest every 5 minutes to all products that failed until the errors are fixed.

About Gozoom

Experts dedicated to your complete protection and satisfaction. Gozoom has 12+ years of cloud infrastructure experience as a provider of security software and services to over 8 million commercial installations in 192 countries.

Gozoom DNS was first released in 2009 and is powered by Mailshell LiveFeed, a global real-time reputation data service, running on secured servers in 61 data centers, in 24 countries, and in 6 continents and processing over billions of requests.









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